OpenNTF Domino API

Open Source just plain rocks.  Many times as developers we get frustrated with the lack of usability of a certain API or the hacks that we have to do to make what we are trying to do work easily with the API.  The other day I was working with a relational database that stored binary files in the database as bytes.  I was working to send out an email with with the binary file as an attachment.  As I’ve been using the openntf domino api I planned on using the DominoEmail class to quickly create an email, however I noticed that the Attachment API only supported creating attachments from Attachments in a Document or from a file on the file system.  So I reached out to the Contributors of the API, questioning whether I missed something.  I had not missed it, the functionality was not built in, however I was given the opportunity to add it.  I had some extra time that day so I cloned the github project down and added a couple new methods and sent it back in the matter of a couple of hours new functionality that will help lots of users, that is the power of open source its the community that gets to decide what is important.  I am thankful for the team that put so much effort into the API and excited that we now have the power on the Notes/Domino World to change our environment without waiting months or years.  I encourage everyone to check out the API and if you see something missing, add it.  Simple as that.


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