XPages extension points

XPages has some amazing features that we in the Domino community use to develop amazing apps, it also has some features that aren’t used as often.  Many of these features have to do with the JSF framework and the lifecycle inside of JSF.  Many people in the community have blogged and talked about lot of these features to try to gain awareness of them.  One of the best examples of many of these features is the XSP Starter kit, which includes examples rolled together into an Eclipse Plugin.  As an amazing resource as it is, There is some complexity involved in getting it installed and understanding all of the individual pieces.  I am starting a blog series where I will be breaking down each individual piece, explaining why and how you would use it and posting a small single example of that functionality to my github account for download.  These examples will include but are not limited to:

  • Custom ApplicationFactory
  • Custom FacesContextFactory (including custom ExternalContext)
  • Custom Lifecycle
  • Custom Component & Renderer (HTML5 Canvas)
  • Custom Expression Language Bindings
  • PhaseListeners
  • SessionListeners
  • FacesContextListeners
  • ValueChangeListeners
  • Custom PropertyResolver
  • Custom VariableResolver
  • Custom ViewHandler
  • NavigationHandlers
  • Custom StateManager
  • Resources and ResourceProviders
  • SSJS Library Provider
  • ManagedBeans for all 4 scopes (Application, Session, View, Request)
  • Implicit globals for SSJS

A few of these (like Managed Beans) have been discussed at length on many places, so I will not touch on them very briefly, My goal is to show off some of the other functionality that can make your life as a developer easier.  Expect the first installment within a couple of days.


3 thoughts on “XPages extension points

  1. Dan Soares says:

    Cool. About the only thing on that list that I am familiar with is Managed Beans. Looking forward to your articles.


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