All the things….

I have not posted in way too long, thought I would dust off the blog and write a little.  I’ve been head down focusing on many new things since I last wrote, very few however have to do with XPages directly.  That being said I want to share all the things that I have been learning through this blog.  I have plans to put together a few posts on node.js as both a transition from being a Domino Developer and many of the best practices for development using this platform.  I also have been doing quite a bit of Native IOS development with Swift.  This is an amazing language that I hope gets used in other platforms now that it is open sourced.  I’d like to share some of my thoughts on server-side dev vs client side dev.  Oh and Docker, how Docker can make your life easier as a developer and an admin and a user, pretty much anyone.  Soon I hope to share all the things…


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