Node.js with Domino a Tutorial

In my last blog I mentioned that I have been working with Node.js for a little while and wanted to share some of my education on the blog.  I thought a good way to do that would be to take an already existing tutorial application written for the MEAN stack(Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) and make it work with a Domino Database.

We are going to be looking at this

This is a great little tutorial that helps you write the obligatory todo app using node and Angular.  If you have little to no experience with Node or Angular, I highly recommend going through this tutorial.  But we are going to look at a couple parts of it and with very few modifications bind it to a Domino Database for its data instead of Mongo DB.

The first step in this process is to install Node,  I won’t go through the instructions as they are platform specific and are mentioned in detail in many places on the web.

Next we need to get the app in question, you can do that either by building out the tutorial or cloning down the git repository for the tutorial here:

git clone

This will put the app in the node-todo folder.

The next step is to connect it to a MongoDB which again you can get installation instructions all over the place.  Another option is to use a cloud hosted instance of Mongo.

The last step is to modify the config/database.js with your mongodb URL.

Once this is done you should be able to use the command line and in the node-todo folder call node server and your app will be up and running on port 3000.

I know I went over a lot very quickly in this post, but the goal is to get to creating a new component to bind this app to Domino.  If you have any questions about how any of this works or are having problems going through the tutorial, let me know and I’ll see if I can lend a hand.

In the next post I’ll describe a few of the working components so we have a good grasp of how they will interact with your Domino Database.



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